Marin Transit

Agency Communications and Community Engagement

Spotlight on Expanded Service 


Formed in 1964, Marin Transit is responsible for providing local transit service within Marin County as well as planning, capital investments, financial management, and operations oversight. Civic Edge started working with the agency in 2016 to publicize expanded transit service. Our team continues to support Marin Transit on a variety of communications and engagement projects, from promotion of free fare programs for special events to ribbon cuttings.  


Ahead of starting a new project,  Civic Edge meets with Marin Transit staff to identify project goals, intended audiences, timeline, and potential collateral. Our team develops this information into a mini work plan that establishes a schedule for developing materials and outlines workflows for review by Marin Transit staff. This format enables each project to launch quickly and run efficiently, all the way up to the final recap and reporting. We have supported Marin Transit in media engagement and press releases, social media development, graphics development, ad creation, and more. 

Reaching Current and New Audiences

Across communications and engagement projects with Marin Transit, Civic Edge has steered strategies toward reaching current and new audiences. This approach helps promote expanded services, such as the Marin Access Paratransit and Yellow School Bus, essential services for Marin County’s large senior population and growing population of young families, to new riders while demonstrating the benefits of Marin Transit to the county as a whole. 

Most recently, Civic Edge supported Marin Transit with hosting a ribbon cutting event and produced a promotional video for the new Marin Access facility. This video was produced to be high contrast, translated into Spanish, and featured some Marin-based paratransit advocates. 

Project Expertise

  • Strategic communication
  • Stakeholder and community engagement
  • Event planning and staffing
  • Collateral and materials development