Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)

In 2013 and again in 2018, MTC hired Civic Edge following a competitive RFQ process to support the agency on its premier long-range planning initiative, Plan Bay Area.

In 2014, our team completed a strategic communications assessment of MTC’s Plan Bay Area initiative, provided recommendations for improving community outreach, and conducting three separate years of Plan Bay Area engagement on a regional scale.

In February 2016, Civic Edge supported MTC and its Plan Bay Area Team with planning and overseeing a regional forum on housing affordability and displacement. More than 400 attendees, from elected officials to community advocates, came to participate and constructively engage in the planning process.

In February 2017, Civic Edge lead MTC in a social media strategy assessment and planning effort.

In 2018, Civic Edge was selected to support MTC as the agency updates its Language Assistance Plan.

In 2020, our team supported MTC in collecting feedback on the Plan Bay Area 2050 Draft Blueprint. We held 14 digital and telephone town hall events over three weeks, including content development and all the logistics associated with the events held in four languages and collected over hundreds of comments from over 300 participants region-wide to inform the agency's technical planning efforts.

Our team continues to support strategy, material development, outreach, and community workshop development for the agency’s communications and community engagement efforts around Plan Bay Area.