San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Creative Community Engagement and Outreach

From Grand Openings to Website Refreshes to Focus Groups


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) provides drinking water, green power, and wastewater. In addition to operating the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System, which serves 2.7 million customers in San Francisco and wholesale through 26 water agencies in Alameda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties, SFPUC owns and operates all aspects of the Hetch Hetchy Power System, which provides 100% greenhouse gas-free electricity. Civic Edge began working with SFPUC on multiple projects in 2022, focusing on community engagement and equity-focused communications and outreach. 


Collaborating closely with SFPUC’s communications team, Civic Edge approaches each project with humility. We have focused on building relationships between SFPUC and community based organizations to raise up the key interests and concerns of the neighborhoods and communities being served by SFPUC. These partnerships have contributed to communications and outreach planning. They have encouraged reflections on how to authentically engage and receive honest feedback, lower barriers to participation, and get the word out most effectively. Several initiatives have meant starting from scratch and thinking up the frameworks and systems for carrying out the ideas. Each project, at its core, is about inspiring public trust in SFPUC and its services. Close coordination within Civic Edge and across projects with SFPUC has made it easier to share findings and insights to build on with each new project.      

Overview of Projects

  • Southeast Community Center Community Based Organization Event Series Pilot Program development and implementation 
  • Community focus groups and survey development
  • CleanPowerSF website audit and recommendations
  • Graphics support

Project Expertise

  • Authentic messaging
  • Strategic partnerships 
  • Hyper-local community engagement
  • Starting from scratch and putting systems in place