Christian Baba
Project Manager

A San Francisco native all his life, Christian (he/him) cares deeply about serving the City that raised him. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a B.A. in Political Science and has been supporting local projects ever since. Most notably, his time spent on the production team of the hit independent film The Last Black Man in San Francisco helped develop the creative collaboration skills necessary to Christian’s success. His work there didn’t go unnoticed, and after traveling to Sundance film festival to celebrate its release, the film became listed as one of Barack Obama’s top films of 2019. Christian has also worked in marketing for some of the top media companies in Los Angeles and New York, including Academy Award winning production house A24. With a background and life-long interest in writing, Christian is a creative problem solver and loves to bring conceptual ideas to action. He is passionate about public service,  civic engagement, and seeks to bring his creative perspective to help serve the public good.

On his days off, you can find Christian spending quality time with family, friends and enjoying long walks in Golden Gate Park.

Ask Me About:
  • Writing dynamic copy and researching proposals 
  • Marketing equitable public service campaigns 
  • Maintaining organizational systems

Catch Me Working With:
  • Port of San Francisco Waterfront Resilience Program
  • Department of Emergency Management
  • San Francisco Planning Commission
  • San Francisco International Airport